What Are DTF Printers, And Are They Right For Me?

Direct To Film printing is one of the alternative options for the DTG printing process. These are the unique printing technology enabled with the perfect printing designs in the special film. It is suitable for transferring into garments. Normally, the Dtf Printer Consumables involve the heat transfer process. These have the ability to last along with the traditional silkscreen prints. DTF technology is the perfect option for implementation in your business and is suitable for saving more money. The technology uses a specific kind of water-based ink for extensively printing the film transfer. It also has the powdered glue applied on its back with heating the cured ready for instant usage.

What Are The DTF Printers?

The DTF Printers allow to print a design on film, then it would transfer directly to the intended surface like the fabric or any others. DTF printers are gaining prominence as they provide a better opportunity to choose any surface for printing. The Dtf Printing Materials look great with the bright colours and good gradations. DTF is one of the best additions to garment decoration which cannot be ignored. Normally, this technology would break the cycle as there is no pre-treatment required. These also extensively provide the soft hand water-based ink to process.

Quality Equipment:

When you own the printing business, then you would know the quality of work will be based on the printers and inks. When compared to the other heat transfer processes, these are quite a critical option to invest and provide the best printing experience to the excellence. The Dtf Printing Film provides optimal quality results. High-quality inks are required to ensure the printhead does not clog. Inks are formulated exclusively for DTF printing, and quality assurance will be made with rigorous testing.


Normally, the Traditional inkjet printers would work by spraying the layer of liquid ink on the paper. The paper would be passed to the oven. The heat from the oven could cause the ink to dry, so they would create the printed image. The Dtf Printer Consumables works differently as these are perfect for workwear such as gym wear, cycling wear, high viz and many others. The durability of the machine is enhanced with these special ink as well as adhesive used.

What Kind Of Ink DTF Printers Use?

Generally, the inks used in Dtf Printing Film are water-based pigment. These have the Pigment quite different compared to that of traditional dye. These inks are suitable for getting permanent results along with adhering to the fabrics. The ink used in DTF printers is permanent. There does not fade over time. It would be a significant option for printing large banners, signs and many others. The inks would last for years, even in the hot climatic condition.

Is It Hard To Use DTF Printers?

The DTF printers are much easier to use compared to the other printers. It is convenient to plug them or turn the battery-powered units, adjust the width guide with knobs on the side or load the fabric in the designated tray. Choose the image that you like to print on particular Dtf Printing Materials before clicking the print button.

PET Film:

DTF printing technology requires PET film, but not all PET film works, providing good results. Choose printable 2-sided cold peel film to get the best result. Dtf Printing Film is specially treated to withstand high pressure and temperature of the heat press. These are also quite compatible with desktop as well as large format printers. Apart from these, Printing films are also available in the form of the cut sheet or in the rolls for gaining larger operations.


DTF Supplies brings you a complete range of products suitable for effective printing. The DTF Supplies covers all the bases of DTF such as DTF Printers, Dtf Printer Consumables along with the support. You can also get excellent customer service to help you with any requirements. DTF printing is durable enough to withstand up to 45 hand washes providing a better result.

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