7 Reasons Why Direct to Film (DTF) Printing is a Great Addition for Your Business

Do you want to discover why DTF printing is an excellent addition to your business? If yes, then this guide lets you explore the reasons. Recently there have been many debates about Direct to Film (DTF) printing versus Direct to Garment (DTG) printing. Many have wondered about the unlimited benefits offered by DTF technology.

DTF printing can generally offer high-quality full-size prints with an incredibly soft hand feel and brilliant colors. Likewise, DTF printing also has a wide range of benefits, making it the best choice for the garment printing business. Read further to have a clear understanding!

Direct To Film Printer Uk will print the design onto the special film. Then it will apply and melt the powder adhesive to those printed films and finally press the design onto the merchandise or garment. In order to create the print, you must need the hot melt powder, transfer film, and software. There is no special equipment required for Direct to Film printing.

Top reasons to use DTF printing:

Have a look below to find the reason why DTF printing is an excellent addition to your business:

• Apply to the wide range of materials

While DTG printing perfectly suits 100% cotton, DTF printing can work effectively on various garments materials. Those materials are nylon, polyester, treated leather, fabrics, 50/50 blends along with cotton. Here the transfers can be applied effectively to different variety of surfaces such as shoes, luggage, and even wood, metal, and glass. You can enlarge the inventory by applying the designs to the complete variety of merchandise with Direct to Film.

• No need for pre-treatment

When you already have the Direct to Garment printer, you may be familiar with the pre-treatment process. But when it comes to the DTF, there is no need for a pre-treatment process. It is mainly since; the hot melt power applied to the DTF transfers will directly bond the print to the material. Hence the pre-treatment becomes unnecessary here.

• Using less white ink is more than enough

Direct To Film Printing Uk needs only less amount white ink when compared to DTG printing. 200% white ink is highly required for DTG printing, whereas 40% white ink is more than enough for DTF printing. The cost of white ink is higher; hence, DTF printing can save money through this process.

• More durable compared to DTG prints

No one can deny that DTG prints have a soft hand feel since the inks are applied to the garment directly. But DTF prints will never give you the same soft hand feels that direct to garment offers. The transfers become highly durable. DTF transfers are flexible and wash well. It means that it won’t peel or crack at any time. Hence it can be the best option for heavy-use items.

• Easy application

DTF printing can be helpful for you to place the design on any awkward or hard-to-reach surfaces. You can apply the direct to film transfer design to the area that can be heated. It is mainly since; it will take the heat to stick the design. Then you can directly sell the printed transfers to your customers and let them alleviate the design to whatever item or surface they choose without any special equipment.

• Faster production process

As there is no pre-treatment process needed in Dtf Printing Uk, you can cut down the production time completely. Hence, it is the best option for small-volume or one-off orders that traditionally won’t give that many profits.

• Maintain your inventory more versatile

You can print all kinds of popular designs in advance by using DTF printing. Then you can store everything using very little space. After that, you will have the best sellers always ready to apply to any kind of garment as required!

Final verdict:

From the scenario mentioned above, you have explored the reason why DTF printing is an excellent addition to your business.

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