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What Are The Marketing Jobs In Dubai Available For Foreigners?

If you wish to become a millionaire in your country in a short time, then work as a marketing professional in Dubai. The manufacturing companies, retail business, health care and service companies in Dubai pays very high salaries for marketing jobs. You must be a MBA and others who have work experience in the marketing field. Marketing jobs in Dubai are posted on job portals with high salaries. They welcome candidates with MBA in Marketing and speak good English. Before going to Dubai, check the below-mentioned marketing jobs and their nature of work.

Marketing Job Positions Available in Dubai

• Marketing Executives
• Assistant Manager Marketing
• Marketing Manager
• Market Researchers/Market Analyst
• Digital Marketers/Online Marketing/Social Media Marketing/Content Marketers
• Brand Marketing Manager

The marketing jobs are available for fresher’s and experienced marketing professionals.

Direct Field Marketing jobs in Dubai

Before applying to any direct field marketing jobs in Dubai, it is advisable to check you can withstand the 6-months hot temperature. You often have to travel in a public mode of transportation for field marketing work. Dubai’s climate has been hot and cool weather conditions for six months. It is an extensive traveling job, where you have to meet clients where you can sell a product or service to needy people or allied business providers.

Yet, field marketing jobs can earn more on commission. The companies provide daily incentive slabs or targets to be met. If you achieve the daily or monthly target, it will be more than your salary. Thus, direct field marketing jobs in Dubai are paid higher in incentives than the salary a marketing executive will earn.

Online Marketing Jobs in Dubai

Today, Dubai city retailers and service companies serve 24/7, 365-days a year. They achieve it by using e-commerce channels. Online marketer jobs are much in demand in Dubai. 60% of sales and services are happening by online platforms. Thus, busy people need and seek online campaigns. The online marketing job is not a simple task. It will help if you have training and certification in Digital Marketing besides your MBA in Marketing.

Online marketing jobs in Dubai earn much higher than retail marketing jobs. Here, online marketers work indoors or in an office room and use social media platforms, e-mail marketing, content marketing, brand promotions online, and CRM tools to convert the targeted and non-target consumers into a sale.

Digital Marketing uses artificial intelligence and data science. Thus, candidates in computer science do have vast job opportunities in digital marketing. Big retailers use data scientists in CRM to convert consumers through all marketing channels. The marketing unit needs an MIS executive to give marketing reports to the marketing managers.

Digital Marketing Managers use artificial intelligence to convert offline and online inquiries into sales. Get certified as a digital marketer if you wish to get marketing jobs with e-commerce companies, e-retailers, service industries, and others in online sales and services in Dubai.

The foreigners working in the marketing field will tempt to shift companies as they find pay scale, incentives, and other allowances they give are better than the existing companies they work for. It is advisable to see if the new company you are joining gives you a work permit and your existing employer relives you soon by notice in advance.

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Any violations in the job by foreigners are subject to legal action. In such a case, you cannot work further due to bad remarks from employers. It is advisable to keep a good relationship with your employers and inform them on time if you wish to quit and join any other company.

Marketing jobs are available for fresher’s and candidates with MBA and digital marketing certifications. Qualified and experienced candidates can apply for marketing manager jobs. Freshers are advised to enter in the field marketing by joining as marketing executives in Dubai. Apply via proper online job portals of Dubai. Yet, many recruitment agents do serve online.

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