The Ultimate Guide to Skydiving in Dubai

You are mistaken if you believe that Dubai offers the most memorable experiences on shorelines, including a tour of the spectacular Burj Khalifa, the luxurious Dubai Mall, vast expanses of spotless, brown deserts, a relaxing sea excursion, and a great deal more. In addition to this, Dubai offers the most exciting adventures in the air. Enter skydiving. What could possibly be more exhilarating than being flung out of an airplane at an altitude of 13,000 feet while it is traveling at a speed of 120 miles per hour?

Participating in this heart-pounding adventure on one of your future visits to Dubai will allow you to finally realize your childhood goal of flying. The information that you need is detailed below. The sport of skydiving is brought to a whole new level in Dubai thanks to the availability of both outdoor and indoor alternatives. It is a once in a lifetime thing that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in the whole globe.

There are many different kinds of skydiving to choose from in Dubai

There are three different kinds of skydiving in Dubai, and all of them need to be on your list of things to do in Dubai that are included in tour packages.

  • Tandem Jumping

A tandem skydive is the best way to get your feet wet when it comes to skydiving in Dubai, especially if it’s your first time. Tandem skydiving is a sport that gives participants the opportunity to feel the rush of free fall while also receiving guidance and support from qualified instructors. To get started, a harness will fasten you safely to the guides so that you may follow their instructions. After that, the teacher will guide you through the whole jump, beginning with the takeoff and continuing all the way through the free fall, canopy flying, and landing.

  • Jumping Static Lines

The Static Line Jump is an excellent option to go with if you are interested in making your first skydiving experience in Dubai a solo jump. During this kind of skydiving, the skydiver will experience a very brief period of free fall just before the main parachute deploys. When the diver exits the plane, a “static line” that is connected to the aeroplane triggers the opening of the main canopy of the parachute. Before trying your first static line jump, you are required to have a full day of tuition covering both the ground and the technical aspects of the leap.

  • Free Fall with Acceleration

The accelerated free fall, often known as the AFF, is largely acknowledged to be a legitimate offer. The training required to become an AFF member is strenuous, but on your very first leap, you will be subjected to a free fall that lasts for half a minute. It is definitely worth your time if you are looking for enjoyable stuff to do in Dubai.

The expedited free fall technique is taught to each diver participating in AFF by a pair of instructors. The diver will be restrained by one of the instructors until she or he has successfully deployed her or his personal parachute, at which time she or he will be removed and the parachute will be launched. When it is time for the diver to open the parachute, he receives verbal instructions from another instructor who is on the ground, which are sent to him through a radio that is attached to the diver’s helmet.

Details on how to join Skydive Dubai and the associated costs

Visitors have the option of jumping from a platform in either the Palm Dropzone, which is considered a luxury position, or the Desert Dropzone, which is considered the regular location. A tandem skydive at the Palm Dropzone will set you back 2,199 AED. This dropzone is especially attractive since it offers passengers a glimpse of the renowned Palm Jumeirah while they are skydiving. A tandem skydiving at the Desert Dropzone costs 1,699 AED and provides skydivers with a breathtaking view of the surrounding desert landscape as they soar into the air. Before being allowed to enjoy their skydiving experience, visitors are expected to satisfy all of Jump Dubai’s standards, and those passengers who do not satisfy the requirements will, sadly, not be permitted to skydive. It is strongly advised that tourists check that they fulfill all of the prerequisites before buying a skydiving trip, since deposits for canceled excursions are not refundable under any circumstances.

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