What Are The Best Places To Visit Germany?

In addition to being the industrial superpower of the European Union (EU), Germany is also one of Europe’s most interesting and genuine holiday destinations. Due to Germany’s extensive network of motorways and rail lines, visitors may easily get about its cities and villages, no matter how large or tiny.

Even if you’re going to stay in one spot, like Berlin or Munich, or whether you’re planning a road or train vacation to smaller must-visit sites like Baden-Baden in the Black Forest or the ancient fortress town of Rothenburg, the list of things to do here is endless.


In the event that you only have one opportunity to go to Germany, you’ll definitely want to spend some time in Berlin. The city’s capital, unquestionably one of Europe’s most lively and colorful, is known as much for its fine eating as it is for its commerce and other forms of recreation. Additionally, Berlin is widely regarded as one of Europe’s premier cultural capitals, with an abundance of world-class museums and art galleries just beginning to be discovered.

There are some of the greatest on Museum Island, another must spot that might take days to investigate on its own. The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra performs nightly performances, as does the Berlin Opera, and there are always attractive streets and boulevards in the Mitte District, home to iconic structures like the Brandenburg Gate, to meander around after these institutions have closed.


In part, the city’s reputation as a travel destination may be attributed to its position on the outskirts of the stunning Bavarian Alps, which is the capital city of the state of Bavaria. As a prominent cultural and political center, Munich predates Germany’s formal establishment in 1158 but is not one of the oldest existing towns. Its origins may be attributed to a monastic monastery.

Growing at such a fast rate, the city has become a major religious and cultural center in addition to an important hub for trade and commerce. Many of the city’s churches, notably Peterskirche, a 1300s inner-city church, Frauenkirche (the city’s most famous structure), and Michaelskirche, a massive Renaissance-era church, are still standing today.

Rothenburg in the Middle Ages

As a unique German tourism destination, Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a perfect example of the country’s unique charm. Rothenburg, as it’s often known, is a picturesque Bavarian town with many photo possibilities within a short drive from larger cities like Frankfurt. As a result, Rothenburg was spared the horrors of war that decimated many other historic medieval urban areas, and as a result many of its numerous genuine medieval structures have been preserved in their original condition. Old buildings like the Rathaus, or town hall, built in the 13th century, have been preserved in its original state. As well as a splendid Imperial City Museum housed in a medieval monastery, there are also the historical Castle Gardens, which haven’t altered much since the 17th century.


One of Germany’s best-preserved historic cities, Cologne is a treasure for future generations. When Cologne was first founded by the Romans, it became a major religious and pilgrimage destination. Cologne’s historic Old Town, which is home to 12 historic churches, including the world-famous Cologne Cathedral, is now one of the city’s most popular tourist destinations. Take your time touring this majestic building and the neighboring historic merchant residences, many of which are now a hub of contemporary commerce, such as art galleries and boutique stores.

The Rhine Valley and the city of Koblenz

If you decide to go on one of the incredibly common week-long Rhine river cruises, you will undoubtedly stop at the lovely city of Koblenz along the way. Regardless of how you get here, be sure to visit the German Corner, or Deutsches Eck. The Rhine-Mosel confluence is one of Germany’s most spectacular natural occurrences, and the massive Memorial to German Unification, a majestic equestrian monument of King Wilhelm I, towers above it.

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